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safe food 1The labels on our food and drinks don’t just advertise brand names and brand attributes – they also contain information from food manufacturers about what ingredients are in their products. Food labelling is important because it ensures products are accurate, not misleading and safe to consume.
For consumers, food labelling is really important because it educates us about the food we buy and helps us store and use food safely. And from a healthy eating point of view, food labelling also helps us to make informed choices when comparing food labels.

‘What’s on a Label’ is safefood’s free education resource for this topic and newly updated to include the latest legislative changes in this area. Aimed at Junior Cycle and Transition Year students, the resource also supports the SPHE curriculum and was developed with input from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) and Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI). Full of practical labelling examples, ‘What’s on a Label’ is designed to help students learn lifelong skills in an engaging and interactive way, and empowers students to make more informed choices about the foods they eat.

Learning about Food Safety

Food poisoning can happen very easily but is also easily avoided and every year, thousands of people suffer needlessly from illnesses caused by food poisoning. Learning about food safety helps students gain knowledge that they can bring with them beyond school and throughout their own lives. ‘safefood for Life’ is a certified food safety training programme that not only teaches students about the basic principles of food safety but it also allows them the opportunity to sit an online examination and on completion, gain the minimum level of training to work in the food industry. Topics covered in the interactive resource include personal hygiene; food contamination; food delivery and storage; food preparation and cooking; cleaning and design of food premises. Developed with input from industry and public health stakeholders, ‘safefood for Life’ is accredited by the Environmental Health Association of Ireland with the online certificate valid for five years.

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