EPA Ireland’s Environment Web Resource: The gateway to everything you want to know about Ireland’s Environment


Are you looking for innovative ways to introduce your students to key information, facts and statistics about local environmental issues? Check out Ireland’s Environment, the new web resource from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using non-scientific language, Ireland’s Environment provides easy access to environmental data that has been gathered by the EPA and external bodies. This one- stop-shop presents up-to-date environmental information in a highly visual format under eight environmental themes

Under each theme information is provided on current trends, causes, what’s being done, what the outlook is and links to relevant reports.

Ireland’s Environment provides access to information at a range of levels:

  1. ➢  Straightforward descriptions of the condition of Ireland’s environment, the threats it faces, what’s being done and the future outlook under the eight themes.
  2. ➢  The My Local Environment mapping tool – this gives the user the ability to check out information about the environment close to where you live, work or play and frame the information in a local setting, such as your local air and water quality.


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    The Get Informed section gives the user the opportunity to get informed about the state of Ireland’s environment and the data that underpin that assessment. From here the user can:

    ➢access detailed information on the key environmental indicators for Ireland. The data is available in interactive chart format and can also be downloaded in a variety of formats

    ➢check out EPA Infographics with lots of interesting facts and figures on air, water, waste, health and lots more

    ➢read about EPA funded research and how this research is increasing our understanding of environmental challenges and

    ➢find out about the EPA’s education resources for primary and secondary school students.

    ➢ The new Get Involved section provides users with information on ways they can become involved in protecting the Irish environment. From here the user can: o check out the EPA’s See-it Say-it App for i-Phone or

    Android phones
    ➢To learn more about EPA licensing and enforcement
    ➢check out the EPA citizen science page for more ways to ‘Get Involved’

    This is an ideal resource for teachers and students alike,
    ensuring environmental information is readily available, in
    easily accessible formats.

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