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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electricity and the various uses that have been developed for it have had a huge impact on the modern world and the shape it took. The computer being used to read this is a result of years of work by both Electrical Engineers and Electronic Engineers.

Many engineers change their careers from one branch to another, the degree they’ve earned have equipped them with the skills necessary to analyse problems and provide solutions, these skills also allow them to learn much on the job.

Electrical Engineers are responsible for the flow and supply of electricity in our daily lives. They work with electrical systems on a huge scale to get the electricity where it needs to be. They create and design products with scientific principles and problem solving.

An Electrical Engineer can find themselves employed designing and constructing powerlines, managing power stations or installing electrical systems and machines like motors and transformers. They will also become hugely important in the development of renewable energy and sustainable environments. They can work with industrial research and development, energy supply corporations, software, the civil service and research institutes.

Electronic Engineers convert electricity into the various different gadgets that are used every day. It involves designing and testing electronic circuits that utilise resistors, capacitors, diode, inductors and transistors to perform a function.

They design, develop, research, test, and supervise the manufacturing process of electronic equipment and are vital for innovations in phones, PCs and cameras, among many others.

Many career opportunities for Electronic Engineers are related to computer like medical devices, artificial intelligence and robotics. They often aim to design new products and maintain electronic equipment, as well as develop solutions for operational problems.

Technicians assist Engineers in many aspects of research, design and development of electronic products.

Engineers IrelandWith over 23,000 members from every discipline of engineering, Engineers Ireland is the voice of the engineering profession in Ireland.

They have been representing the engineering profession since 1835, making us one of the oldest and largest professional bodies in Ireland.

Members come from every discipline of engineering, and range from engineering students to fellows of the profession.

Smart Futures

Smart Futures is coordinated and managed by Science Foundation Ireland in partnership with the Engineers Ireland’s STEPS programme and is supported by organisations such as PharmaChem Ireland, the Royal Society of Chemistry, ICT Ireland, the Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA), the Institute of Physics and others. – See more at:

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