Economically Keeping Fit

Keeping Fit

As summer is just around the corner I’m sure there are a lot of you out there striving to get that “summer bod” by keeping fit. I know I am. As the saying goes ‘your health is your wealth’ and it couldn’t be more true.

But, being a student is financially difficult enough without the pressure of trying to maintain an expensive gym membership and if you are going to commit to this healthy lifestyle you might as well spend your money on some decent food.

Trying these new ‘health kicks’ are not just for a quick fix and we want to show that having a balanced diet and regular exercise is the best way to have a healthy lifestyle. So, here are a few ideas to keep this affordable and fun.

  • Go Outside!

The most obvious one of them all, use what is already there. Get some fresh air into your lungs it can help you physically and mentally. Jogging, cycling, hiking, take your dog for a walk all excellent ways to keep active and do at your own pace without spending a cent. With (hopefully) slight improvements due in the Irish weather soon, it’s time to get your running shoes on and enjoy mother nature.

  • YouTube

For when you’re not feeling the outdoors then you can head over to the good old interweb. And lucky for us there are hundreds upon hundreds of fitness fanatics out there who are dying to share their tips and tricks. With a bit of research about what exercises suit you and a WiFi connection, off you go!

  • The Library

Just hear me out… Swap that cheeky Nandos loyalty card for a library card and check out your local library, you know that building where they keep lots of books? But seriously most libraries have a good selection of workout DVDs so, rent one and take note of the workouts that work best for you before you have to return it and there you go. The latest celebrities routines free of charge.

  • Join Clubs or Sports teams

If you may need a little more motivation or simply just want to meet people with the same interests as you then think about joining a local sports team or attend some fitness classes. Look up which suits your budget or schedule and give it a whirl. You could meet some great friends and discover a love for a new hobby.

I hope we gave you a little inspiration of how you can achieve a healthy lifestyle without damaging your bank account.

Remember investing in your health is investing in your future self. So, good luck with whichever path you decide to take 🙂