Eco-Coolers – Bangladesh’s Air Cooler Solution to Global Warming

bangladesh global warming

One of the most pressing issues our world is facing is global warming and Bangladesh has come up with their own solution.

Various cities in 2016 have already recorded their highest temperatures due to global warming and it’s not looking good. Phalodi in India beat an earlier record of 50.6 degrees Celsius from 1956 this May to a life-threatening temperature of 51 degrees. Maun in Botswana broke their national record of 43.3 degrees Celsius to 44 in January. Even Klawok in Alaska is affected and has recorded its highest temperature of 21.6 degrees Celsius.

In Bangladesh, the highest recorded temperature rose up to 42.4 degrees in 2014.

This means these places have become unbearable to live in.

Grey Dhaka along with volunteers from Grammen Intel Social Business Ltd have teamed up to create the Eco-Cooler to address the issue.

They came up with Eco-Cooler – the world’s first zero-electricity air cooler.

Over 70% of Bangladesh’s population live in corrugated tin huts across the countryside. During the long summer months, temperatures reach up to 45° Celsius, making these huts unbearable to live in.

They’ve re-purposed plastic bottles cut in half and put into a grid, in accordance to available window sizes. Based on wind direction and airflow pressure, the Eco-Cooler has succeeded in decreasing the temperature in tin huts by up to 5° Celsius.


Eco Cooler 2.jpg“Since most rural homes in Bangladesh are made with corrugated tin, the Eco-Cooler has the power to provide relief to millions of Bangladeshis. We sincerely hope this volunteer effort will make a difference in their lives”, said Abdullah Al Mamun, Deputy General Manager of Grameeen Intel Social Business Ltd.

“After initial tests, blueprints of the Eco-Cooler were put up online for everyone to download for free. Raw materials are easily available, therefore, making Eco-Coolers a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution”, said Syed Gousul Alam Shaon, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Grey Dhaka.

With the help of the Grameen Intel employees, the Eco-Coolers have been installed in villages in Nilphamari, Daulatdia, Paturia, Modonhati and Khaleya across Bangladesh.