Doing an Erasmus, is it worth it?


An Erasmus is basically taking a year or semester to study in a different country. It is becoming a popular choice for many college students these days and even a requirement for some courses. But what are the actual pros and cons of taking the plunge and travelling abroad.


The few cons I could find are the expenses needed for things like accommodation, travel, flights and just general living expense and depending where you go these can be colossal. I know there are grants and funds available but some may find that there are not sufficient. The other thing all boils down to the kind of person you are, if you get severely homesick do not put yourself or your parents through the hassle of getting you over there for you to just stick it out for a month and then come home. Again I know the whole idea of ‘you’ll never know if you don’t try’ applies here but be sensible as well. You could surprise yourself and end up loving it.

Discussing the pros which majorly seem to outdo the cons with things like:

You gain incredible life experience, learning from a different culture, possibly a new language, meet new and interesting people, obtaining a new kind of responsibility and your CV will stand out from the rest.

I definitely feel like it helps you grow as a person it may encourage you to take more risks and make important decisions in life. People have said coming back to college after an Erasmus changes their outlook on their education and nearly always gives them that extra push needed to excel in their degree. I can’t see how an Erasmus could be a bad thing.

My advice is if you have an amazing opportunity to do one and you feel you are in a good place in your life to do it then why not just go for it? It could be the best thing you’ll ever do.