DkIT Academic staff strike


DkIT’s Academic staff will be going on strike, Wednesday, February 3rd. This is part of the nationwide campaign to oppose underfunding of the Institute of Technology sector.

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With shocking statistics of a 36% funding cut since 2007 and a 30% rise in student numbers with workloads being intensified and staff being cut by 10% during the same time, it is no wonder people are not happy.

A representative from the DkIT branch of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland has appeared in Dáil Eireann to highlight the difficulties and have also appealed to local politicians to oppose further cuts in the Institute’s funding.

At the moment, there is a shortage of classroom resources, larger class sizes, less access to labs and libraries and extreme cuts in tutorials and other student supports. To stir the pot more DkIT’s Governing Body voted to accept a Department of Education/Higher Education Authority plan which will proceed with additional cutbacks, laying off temporary staff and increasing class sizes even further.

Kenneth Sloane, DkIT TUI has said ‘these proposals are unworkable, would further damage the quality of education provided by DkIT and have been rightly opposed by staff representatives and DkIT Students’ Union.’

Hopefully, this strike will come with good news and change will be made.