Conor McGregor sparks anger with ‘retire young’ tweet


The infamous Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor has sparked controversy after tweeting last night that he wishes to retire young.

The 27-year-old suggested that his UFC career might be ending sooner than planned by tweeting:

‘I have decided to retire young.

Thanks for the cheese.

Catch ya’s later’.

-Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA)

Followed by a similar tweet from his coach, John Kavanagh fueling the speculation by saying:

‘Well it was fun while it lasted’

-Coach Kavanagh (@John_Kavanagh)

However, it has been announced that McGregor confirmed that they have cancelled the featherweight champion’s rematch with Nate Diaz due to take place on July 9th.

Diaz also responded with humour to these allegations by tweeting himself:

‘I guess my work here is done I’m retiring too’

-Nathan Diaz (@NateDiaz209)

We don’t know how serious these retiring statements are but UFC President, Dana White, has said “We pulled Conor McGregor from UFC 200 and we’re working on other fights right now. Conor did not want to come to Las Vegas and film the commercial and be a part of the marketing. He’s in Iceland training. Is Conor retiring? Only he can answer that question. I don’t know’.

Whether it is a hoax, a cry for attention or the real deal, I guess we won’t know until all is revealed. But fans are hoping that his cryptic tweet was just part of a row with the UFC.