Common mistakes done while choosing a college course


We all know how stressful sixth year is with not only trying to study for the big LC but also trying to wrap your head around the CAO and begin to think about where you want to go next year.

It is a scary time full of pressure and this can lead to students being hasty whilst making their decision. Here are some things to think about when your choosing your college course;

  • Picking passion over a profession

This is when you pick a course just because you think you could get a good job and earn good money, even though you may be miserable in it. Pick an area which you find interesting and you will enjoy and thrive in your degree.

  • Picking a course with high points

This is for the students with straight As and always do well academicly. Don’t pick something just because of the high points if you have no remote interest in studying it. Don’t let people tell you it’s a “waste” of your points, it’s your life to lead.

  • Listen to bad advice

Now, I know this does not apply to every parent, teacher, guidence counsillor, friend etc. but sometimes other people act like they know best for you. But honestly, the only person who knows best for you, is you. Try not let them pressure you into choosing something that is not right for you.

  • Rushing your decision

Keep calm people, you usually have until the 1st of July to make your final decision. I get that coming up to exams and even after them you can be emotionally and physically drained and thinking about something like choosing where you want to study is not too appealing but this is why you begin to research and properly think now, so you are prepared, confident and happy with your choice.

  • Remember your extra-ciricular

Not only is college a chance for you to study something you like but it is also a chance to get involved in as much as you can. Being part of clubs and societies is all part of student life and excellant way to meet people with similar interests and hobbies as you. Having extra-ciricular activities on your CV will make you stand out from the crowd to employers. With lots of people graduating with similar degrees, having all these extra little bits to showcase you as a whole person is so much more impressive.

  • Fear

This is a common one when you choose something just because your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend is doing the same thing. You are allowed to be your own person and choose what you want to do. It is you who has to sit through three or four years of a course and if your just there because you were following the crowd you will not get as much out of it. Step out of your comfort zone, chances are there will be a lot of people in the same boat as you.

  • Making narrow course choices

What we mean by this is don’t think that the course you choose is automatically your career. Who knows where your degree will take you. Do something you love right now and in a few years there could be oppourtunities that haven’t even been invented yet for you to try. So be open minded and just go for it.