Clever fundraising ideas


1. Breakfast event

Choose set prices for the actual breakfast or charge people tickets in. Perfect for awards to be given or to mix with other people.

2. Bake Sale

Ok, this is a simple one but who doesn’t love cakes and buns?

3. Race day/night

This would work if your area had a local track, see if they can offer any special deals and it is a great way to allow people to get dressed up and have a good night out as well as raising money.

4. Silent auction

If you have items of value then this could be a good option. People simply add their details, along with a bid to either an envelope or on a sheet outlining the prize. The highest bidder wins and must pay their bid price to receive their prize.

5. Treasure hunt

Fun for families, you can hide items to be found at your school or venue or create clues from items in your locality ie. poems or inscriptions on plaques, shop or street names etc. Each clue leads you to the next location and you either take the first letter of each place to solve a riddle or pick up treasure at the final location. It does take a bit of organising but it could be worth it.

6. Sponsor Run/Swim/Cycle

As well as promoting fitness in your local area you can also organise a whole day of fun for all ages with this event.

7. Teddy bear’s picnic 

Always a classic and firm favourite with children a great day out where they bring a teddy with them and enjoy a picnic with their friends.

8. Talent show

This is an event which can get the whole community involved and showcase some amazing talents with all proceeds going to your chosen charity. Also, refreshments and raffles can help increase fundraising.

9. Read-a-Thon

This is a fun way to encourage children to read as many books in a set amount of time whilst being sponsored.

10. Film in the school/community hall

What more do children love more than getting out of school for something fun? Have a monthly movie screening with a tuck shop.