A Circus ban in Ireland


Going to the circus, for most children, was exciting, unusual and thoroughly entertaining and more than likely one of the best parts was seeing the animals perform and getting pictures after the show but now as we get older we are discovering that even though these performing animals brought us joy, it was at what cost for them?

There have been a few incidents showing exactly how some of these creatures are actually treated from undercover investigations. As more and more European countries are beginning to place bans on wild animal circuses the ISPCA are worried that Ireland could become a dumping ground for them if we do not take action soon.

It may not seem like a serious matter but it really is and should be taken with caution. An incident which was recorded by PETA US back in 2009 when photos taken by a retired circus employee were released showing baby elephants who were forcibly separated from their mothers, bound with ropes, wrestled, slammed to the ground, shocked with electric prods and gouged with bullhooks.

Unfortunately, this is just one of hundred cases where the exact same thing is happening. Some animals are born into this life and die here as well, never getting to experience how amazing their life should be.

These beautiful animals do not have a choice in performing these unnatural and at times painful tricks for years on end as they know if they don’t deliver they will be punished. What natural lion will voluntarily jump through a ring of fire? They are literally fearing for their life.

It has taken a while for us to know that chaining them up should not be justified and it is actually not okay for them to live their lives locked in a cage for our own amusement.

At least 12 local authorities have already introduced bans on the use of council land by circuses, but unless a full ban is introduced that prevents the use of wild animals in circuses altogether and animals will continue to suffer.

So, what is your opinion on this matter?

Does the show have to go on or should we put a stop to this?