Changing your CAO courses


The Change of Mind facility opens on the 5th May at noon and can be used to add, remove, or change the order of your courses up to 5:15 pm on the 1st July. There is no charge for this service and you can use it as many times as you like.
Last year over 45,000 applicants availed of the facility, with some using the Change of Mind more than once. There are some restrictions though, especially in the case of mature applicants or restricted courses. If you are a mature applicant and you wish to add a course using the Change of Mind facility you should contact the Admissions Office of the institution to check if you can still be considered for that particular course.
If the course you are adding is listed as restricted in the CAO handbook, you will not be considered for it unless you have applied before the 1st March for a course with an identical assessment procedure e.g. Medicine or mature entry to nursing. If in doubt about restrictions it is always important to speak to the Admissions Office of the institution to get the definitive answer.
Using the Change of Mind is a straightforward process, however, there are some pointers which might help you at this stage in the process:

1.If you are happy with your existing course choices then you do not need to take any further action. Your original courses will remain unchanged.

2.Do not make hasty decisions about courses based on assumptions about what you think the points will be or your own examination performance. If your courses are listed in your genuine order of preference then you will receive an offer of the course highest up on your list that you are deemed eligible for, if any.

3.If you only wish to make changes to your Level 8 courses then you do not need to do anything with your Level 7/6 list (and vice versa). Both lists are independent of each other and you only have to choose between them at the offers stage.

4.When making changes to your course choices you must enter all of your chosen courses in the new list in your new order of preference. If you submit a Change of Mind it cancels and supercedes all the previous course choices on that particular list.

5.Make sure to check that the course codes you have entered are correct.

6.Do not leave your changes to the last minute. The Change of Mind deadline is final.

If you make changes to your courses online, and have supplied a valid email address, an acknowledgement will be sent to that email address – it is extremely important that you check this email carefully to ensure that all of your changes have been recorded completely and correctly. A Statement of Course Choices is also sent by post if you make changes to your course choices – this is to confirm that your new course choices have been entered into your CAO account.

The revised statement will not be issued before the 1st June. If it does not arrive by the 7th July you must contact us immediately and provide proof of the submission of the Change of Mind. It is very important that your course choices should be absolutely correct.

If you are going to be absent at the time when the revised statement is due, you must arrange for someone to check that it arrives and, when it arrives, that the contents are correct and accurately reflect your wishes. Make sure to read page 14 of the CAO handbook and watch the ‘Change of Mind’ video guide on the CAO website.

How to make changes

1.Go to and click on ‘My Application’. Log in to your account with your application number, date of birth and the password that you created at the registration stage. If you have forgotten your password click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link to reset. If you experience problems accessing your account, email your issue to CAO via the ‘Contact’ facility at and provide your CAO application number.

2.Go to the ‘Change Level 8 Course Choices’ and/or ‘Change Level 7/6 Course Choices’ tabs and enter your courses on the ‘New Choices’ list.

3.When you have finished entering your courses on either list, click on ‘Continue with Course Choices’. Your new courses will appear on the screen and you will also receive an email to the account that you provided at the registration stage. Check the information contained in the email is correct.


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