Bullying in schools


This is an issue which I feel very passionate about. It is so common in today’s society and yet still such a major concern. Why can’t we prevent things like this from happening?

The school environment has the power to make or break a child. Heartbreaking statistics from Irish schools show that 1 in every 4 pupils and around 175,000 young people in secondary schools are falling victim to this vicious behaviour. And now with the evolution of technology, they are finding it hard to escape from these bullies. There are steps to take in order to overcome this if you feel like you are being bullied or know someone who could be.

  • Admit You’re Being Bullied

Like everything, the first step is recognising that there is an issue to be dealt with. Don’t just brush it off by saying ‘it’s just life’, no it is not! You do not deserve to be put down every day, you are worth a lot more. Once you’ve done this you can start changing your life for the better.

  • Talk About It

There is nothing worse than keeping emotions like this hidden inside. Let them out! That’s what friends and family are there for. If they are willing to support you then they will and you will feel like a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders. They’ll probably appreciate the fact that you trust them enough to open up to them.

  • Avoid The Bully

Don’t think of this as a cop out, you are not running away from them you are simply not giving them any excuse to annoy you. I know avoiding isn’t a permanent answer and you will eventually run into them or if they’re terrible people (which they must be) they will deliberately follow you just think, they will crumble if you don’t give them the power to bother you in the first place.

  • Keep A Record

This may be a bit OTT but if you write down different things that happen, comments that have been made or when they happen etc. firstly you will have enough evidence instead of having to prove yourself. It could show you a pattern and help you avoid them like the plague and also writing everything can be very therapeutic for you and will help you release some locked up feelings.

  • Walk Away

I know it may be difficult at first to have the confidence to do this but if you do it once it can only get easier. They want to feel like they’re in control of  you, all you have to do is just simply say ‘NO’ and walk away. They’ll probably have a face similar to this..


  • Don’t Descend To Their Level

Obviously, they have problems of their own if this is how they act towards other people. So, despite them being horrible humans just don’t give them any more reason to prolong the situation. You don’t need to be like them, you already are a clearly better person and they can see that.

  • You’re Not Alone

While it may feel like your all alone in that social jungle we call school, just remember you’re not. More than likely the same person is trying to tease someone else, reach out to them a simple hello could brighten up their day and it could even blossom a new friendship.


How’s that for a positive ending note?