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Bell Time Primary is a new interactive digital magazine aimed at primary schools nationwide. The magazine will be free of charge and will be distributed to the Principals, staff, parents association, board of management and National parents council and as such will have categories of interest to teachers, students and parents alike. The magazine is the first of it’s kind covering a wide and varied spectrum of topics specifically targeted at the largest audience in the country, supplying information and ideas to the next generation of decision makers. There are currently over 3,000 primary schools in Ireland with over 500,00 pupils and over 30,000 teachers. Having an advertisement within this demographic will ensure your organisation and brand exposure to the entire teaching/parenting community and a very wide eclectic, and open audience. The magazine will have a bespoke website/ App and will be supported by all social media.

The publication will be launched in September and will have a comprehensive section on School Supplies and Services as well as other categories including:

Education, The Arts, Sport, Music, School Tours, Curriculum, Parent and Teachers News, Technology, Extra Curricular Activities….. etc. As well as a host of interesting reviews on Theatre, Art, Film, interviews and plenty more. In the some time hum drum of the learning machine BellTime will be a break from the norm and a huge opportunity for your organisation to advertise to a very wide and inquisitive audience.

For all advertising and editorial queries please contact
Rachel on 083 4451900 or email: /

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