An Apprenticeship in Dance

Springs Dance

Ever wanted to expand your dance skills with experienced teachers? Elevate has something to offer.

Elevate is actually two different courses run by the Springs Dance Company to teach its students contemporary dance. The two courses run alongside each other and both offer in depth training from members of the Company.

The first of the courses is Elevate Dance Company in which students are members of a company that work alongside and learn from Springs. The course is ten months long and ends with either a national or international tour. It is intended to teach performance and technical skills required for touring.

The second is the Elevate Foundation Course which is a shorter three month course focused on developing dancing skills as part of a group. The experience is intended to prepare those that undertake it to engage in a community setting. To end the course students undertake an individual project.

The Springs Dance Company is based in London and creates original contemporary routines. They perform in theatres where they combine performances with storytelling in front of large audiences. They also do performances in schools and churches.

The next day for audition in the 2016 programme is the 24th, but arrangements can be made for those from overseas  or cannot attend the audition for any reason. For more information, visit the Elevate page.