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Accountants are valued in a wide range of organisations. Everything from a multinational business to a small local one, or a young new startup to the oldest of institutions need an expert in financial matters need an accountant to get ahead.

Taxation is involved in every business transaction and commercial decision. With international business growing year over year a knowledge in taxes both within Ireland and in the wider world is essential.

An Accountant is responsible for a business’s finances and help them reach their goals by advising on finance, business progression and progress, and to make sure the company is complying with laws related to Tax, Company Returns and Contracts. Accountants assess incomes, outgoings and financial dealings.

As well as businesses, an Accountant can also be found in various other organisations like charities, governmental organisations and sporting organisations. The gives graduates of the sector a huge amount of options to choose from across many sectors, people who cannot see themselves working in a corporate business may find themselves more comfortable as an advisor to a sports club, making sure it gets the best use out of its finances.

The opportunities in such a wide range of areas, excellent salaries and good job security make Accounting a very appealing career choice. Demand in Ireland for qualified Accountants continues to grow as there is currently a shortage. Accountancy with a language is very desirable to employers as international business continues to grow.

Accounting is at the centre of all business activity. There can be overlap between Accounting professions but the area can be divided between firms that provide advice and accounting services to clients in both the public and private sectors, and those that work in one particular organisation.

The Taxation sector in Ireland has experienced growth in recent years. The corporate tax regime available in Ireland coupled with complex taxation laws and the fact that they apply in every area of business means that many companies hire Tax Specialists. The importance of the EU and their taxes in the Irish economy also creates many opportunities abroad in this field

It’s one of the smallest fields in finance, but Taxation is involved in every transaction and commercial decision which means that there is a demand for tax consultants, particularly those with proven advisory skills. The ever growing international aspect of all areas of businesses in Ireland causes a demand for knowledge of overseas tax jurisdictions.

One of the greatest challenges for a Tax Consultant is to keep up to date with the constantly changing discipline, both domestically and internationally.

Tax Find Ireland

TaxFind – Ireland’s Leading Online Tax Research Database
    • Search 200,000 pages of tax content – including the latest tax legislation
    • Essential reference – over 8,000 pages of Irish tax legislation
    • Exclusive specialist guidance – Irish Tax Institute tax technical papers from our leading seminars and conferences, over 25 leading tax commentary publications, FINAK – your section-by-section guide to each Finance Act since 1998, 1000s of Irish Tax Review articles
    • Exclusive access to tax archive
    • Trusted tax information with embedded links in legislation and commentary, making your tax research easier
    • Direct debit payment options
    • Free TaxFind customer service

Irish Tax Institute
The Irish Tax Institute is the leading representative and educational body for Ireland’s AITI Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) and is the only professional body exclusively dedicated to tax. Our members provide tax expertise to thousands of businesses, multinationals and individuals in Ireland and internationally. In addition many hold senior roles within professional service firms, global companies, Government, Revenue and state bodies.
The Institute is the leading provider of tax qualifications in Ireland, educating the finest minds in tax and business for over thirty years. Our AITI Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification is the gold standard in tax and the international mark of excellence in tax advice.
A respected body on tax policy and administration, the Institute engages at the most senior levels across Government, business and state organisations. Representing the views and expertise of its members, it plays an important role in the fiscal and tax administrative discussions and decisions in Ireland and in the EU.

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