Bell Media is a dynamic on – line, interactive digital publishing company providing branded publications both in print and digital format.  We provide magazines, event catalogues, yearbook and diaries, reference guides and all manner of printed and digital media to professional, commercial and membership organisations.

BellTime Magazines are produced for the education sector in Ireland and are lifestyle in nature covering a wide and varied spectrum of topics specifically targeted at the pre-school, primary, post – primary, further education and third level markets in Ireland.  BellTime Magazines promise to offer our audiences that include teachers, students and parents, a rich interactive media experience.  BellTime Magazine for the secondary school sector is our Flagship publication and we are extending our portfolio of publications to include the early learning/ primary and third level sector this September.

– BellTime Junior – coming soon

– BellTime Primary – coming soon

– College Bell – coming soon

We are delighted to have been endorsed by the Minister for Education and Skills who provided us with the foreword in our last edition.  We are currently working on our Spring/Summer issue and the on line interactive digitalisation of our other publications.