A Teenagers Guide To Studying For Exams


We all know that exams are painfully¬†stressful and trust me, I’m a third year student so I understand but I find that the key to success is to not stress.

Here are a few handy tips that might possibly make your study a little bit more fun ūüôā

1. Stress? I don’t think so

In order to accomplish things, you need to stay calm. If you find yourself constantly flustering and panicking over what you have to revise for your exams, you won’t learn a thing. Let’s not kid ourselves. Break it down for yourself. Try to aim to get one chunk of study done at a designated time (it doesn’t have to be a perfect time because we all know study plans never go as planned).

This way it doesn’t all seem like too much. Just put every other piece of work out of your thoughts and pretend that this chunk is all you have to do.


Okay. So I’m just going to say out loud the question that every student scraping through the education system ask WHY IS IT THAT WHEN I GO TO MAKE STUDY NOTES EVERYTHING SEEMS IMPORTANT??????? Well my answer to that is, simply¬† it is . But, that doest mean it’s impossible to learn. Sure, all those college students did it somehow. Take all that information and shorten it in to the basics. Leave out words and throw in an arrow that represent it.

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3. Try not to see it as a chore

By saying this, I mean, I know that most of us have¬†a mindset that studying is excruciatingly horrendous. It’s up to you to make it more enjoyable. Buy some cheap highlighters, have a black/blue and red pen and just go mad. If it’ll help you remember your notes, who cares if your notebook looks like a jungle let loose on a page? Once you can get the information from it, no harm done.¬†

These are just a few ways of spicing up your study plan and helping you have a brighter way of looking at your school work.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you have other study tips you’d like to share?