5 Surprising Ways How Exercise Can Make You Happy


We know that you can reduce weight and stay fit only through regular exercise.

exerciseBut, it also plays an important part in keeping us happy. “How?” you ask? Studies have shown that regular exercise can treat depression and memory related problems. You can also find more health tips from various well-written guide to fitness workouts. If exercise can save us from such problems, it is all the more reason to be happy about it. But, these are some of the facts that everyone knows about, and I’m sure you want to hear something new apart from this.

So I’ve compiled 5 points that tell you how exercise can make you happy. Check out if it resonates with you.


  1.    Reduces stress

If you Google “how to reduce stress” I’m pretty sure that most of the articles would have mentioned getting at least 30 minutes of exercise. These days every job has become stressful as they have to meet a deadline of some sort.  


So to battle anger, stress and tension, physical activity is needed. If you are busy and don’t find time to hit the gym, be active for at least 15 minutes which will spike your heart rate and make you sweat. Once this becomes a habit, try to include other exercises like walking and dancing to your routine. Also, while exercising concentrate on the activity, instead of the thoughts that increases your stress.  


  1.    Release of happy hormones

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you sweat after a workout? The human body is subject to many chemical reactions which make you feel different, physically and mentally. These are some of the hormones which are released after a workout


  •    Dopamine – Studies have shown that the lack of production of dopamine will increase weight. Exercising stimulates the production of dopamine and keeps you alert
  •   Endorphins – It reduces anxiety, makes you feel overjoyed, and increases your tolerance level to pain
  •    Growth hormones – These are responsible for muscle growth, proper functioning of immune system, and healthy skin


  1.    Strengthens your immune system

We know that the immune system is responsible for fighting off diseases that attack our body. Apart from consuming healthy food, regular exercise will help strengthen it. When you complete any exercise your body temperature rises which helps the body to fight harmful bacteria efficiently.


Anything that is given to the body more than its required amount is harmful, so is exercise. Through regular exercise, you can strengthen your immune system. But, if you increase the intensity and exercise for longer hours, it will reduce the white blood cells in the body and spike up the stress hormones. The immune system will work properly when the stress level is low and regular exercise will reduce stress. So it’s a win-win situation.


  1.    Energy level is improved

Fatigue may be a sign for some of the major health problems such as heart diseases and cancer. Don’t come to a conclusion that whenever you feel tired, you have heart-related problems. Regular exercise will boost your energy level. But, when you exercise daily and still feel tired then, medical attention is required.


When you’re tired, a walk will help you feel better than a nap. Proper exercise boosts the health of your cardiovascular system, which keeps you energized throughout the day. So it will be easy to perform your daily activities and at the end of the day, you’ll still have enough energy left. So you won’t feel tired or exhausted.  And the release of endorphins will raise your energy levels which will increase your focus while performing tasks.


  1.    Better sleep

Serotonin is the most important brain chemical that affects sleep/wake cycle, mood, and appetite. When serotonin level is low in your body, it interrupts sleep and results in sleep-related disorders like insomnia. So exercise at least for 30 minutes, five days in a week to enhance the production of serotonin.  


There are no proper studies to back up the relationship between exercise and serotonin level. But, stress decreases the production of this chemical in the body. Since exercise is an excellent stress buster, some believe that it helps balances the level of serotonin. So it helps you get enough sleep and makes you feel less sleepy during the daytime.



When you stay active, it makes you less stressful and anxious which has a positive impact on the other aspects of your life. Even 20 minutes of exercise is good for your body because exercising is equally important as is a healthy diet. So don’t go looking for happiness when you can get it on your own through regular exercise.


Have you experienced any of the benefits mentioned above? If so I would love to hear your views.

Author Bio :

Cathy is a fitness expert at garagegymplanner.com. She writes regularly on topics revolving around exercise and diet and helps educate readers on the best ways to improve their health and looks naturally.